Friday, September 11, 2009

The Age of Possibility

The following is an exchange that took place between a five year old girl & me.

The scene is my living room looking into my kitchen

Wee SheWhy do you have those hula hoops in there?

Me:  (hesitant- somewhat perplexed that there could be another answer other than,...For fun.

Wee She:  (longingly,) Ohhh...

MeWould you like to hula hoop?

Wee SheOh, yes, I like hula hoops.

Me:  (thinking, So do I!)
  Alright, well, go ahead and take one out back where there's enough room.

The scene changes going through my kitchen door to the backyard where my most beloved 70 pound shepherd mix, Bean, has joyfully waggedly accompanied us.

Neighbor: (to the Wee SheE is a really good hula hooper.

Wee SheOhhh?  (wrestling with the hula hoop around her waist & the effects of gravity...I can do it around my neck.  (still though- hoop, gravity & five year oldedness convene.)

MeI've always been afraid that my head would come off if I tried that.

Wee She:  (in all total & complete seriousnessCompletely Totally Seriously.E, does Bean hula hoop?

Me:  (thinking, THIS MAY BE THE SINGLE GREATEST FREAKING QUESTION THAT I'VE EVER BEEN ASKED!!!!!  But, answering very calmly, nonchalantly & with total honesty, cuz I don't think that you're supposed to lie to kidsI've never seen Bean hula hoop.

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  1. hahaha... i love it. I would love it if you walked into your house one day and there was Bean... hula hooping. hehe... that's a fun thought. Thanks for the giggles.