Thursday, January 14, 2010

Propositioning Publishers

(I didn't forget about you.  Sorry if you've missed me.)

I like this 2010 business- full of surprises.  And as I do say, Life is a surprise party! 

It being 2010 and all, I have a literary agent now, and have been given the homework of writing a book proposal to send out to publishing houses.  The only proposing I think I've done to date has been proposing a toast.  Not quite the same.  So, I am raising the bar on raising a glass, as it were.

You'd think that after having written a book you wouldn't have to propose or suppose what a book would be like if you were to write one when you've already written it- ya know?  Cuz, there it is- that's what it's actually like.  Apparently though, there is protocol to be practiced when a person propositions a publisher.  Mmmm hmmm.

*Happy Birthday today to my Aunt Gail!  She's not a publisher, but that in no way diminishes my desire for her to have a wonderful day. 



  1. Just my vote, but suppose your proposal went something like this: "Dear publishers, I PROPOSE that you write me a stellar contract for international distribution of my book, with a guaranty of translation into at least 10 languages, with 99% of the proceeds being returned to the author (as it should be), and also 99% of the proceeds of any spin-off materials (I know you need to make a living too, so you can keep 1%)."

  2. I read that The Power of Now was translated into 33 languages! I am embarrassed to admit, especially on the world wide web, that I do not believe that I could name 33 languages. Hmmm.... to the Google I go.

  3. Apparently there are many more languages than one would think:

  4. Went to that link- did it REALLY say 2,500 languages?!?!?!???!!!!!