Thursday, January 21, 2010

All Hail Mother Nature

I'm trying to be asleep right now, because I need to get up in less than five hours, but instead I've been listening to the rain.  What a beautiful sound.  The sound of rain at night- there is something about that.  Living here it is a very rare sound- so it sounds all the more beautiful.

Earlier there was also thunder & lightning which are even more rare than rare rain.  And then to top the whole thing off- it hailed!  Hard.  And man was it LOUD.  I was on the phone & couldn't hear the person on the other end.  Freaking amazing.   Loved it.

Of course, my doggy friend does not share my feelings about all this weather.  She hid under the table, and then as I was moving around trying to get the best view of Mother Nature's spectacular show poor Bean was trying to hide underneath me.  Perhaps, if I were an elephant that would have been a good place to take cover, but as you know I'm not an elephant.  Elephants can't type.  Though, they do paint.

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