Monday, December 21, 2009

What is Figgy Pudding Anyway?

Even though if we were playing 20 questions with the answer being "my house"- when you asked if it was bigger than a bread box... I would have to say not really.  Even though my house is not really bigger than a bread box, I have invited the western faction of my family to my eensy weensy teensy tiny home for Christmas dinner.  (Oh, and also, I don't cook.  The dog & I just use the kitchen to get to the backyard.) 

I knew that they would all accept my invitation out of sheer disbelief.  We will be like Christmas sardines stuffed into a wee wooden beach cottage can.  But, we'll be together!

It's potlucky, so at least some of the food will be really good.  Oh, and!  And!  It's all vegetarian.  No roast beast.  Possibly, roast beets. 

I am prepared to never live this down with my family.  I imagine the curiosity will be quite peaked with the eastern faction of the family as well, and there will be an inquiring of details.  I think that I can make up for what I lack in square footage & culinary prowess with twinkly lights, candles, and wine, wine, wine!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck Eliza! I'm sure it will be fabulous as long as everyone remembers to where deodorant.