Friday, December 4, 2009

Direct Line

I was told another good story when I was over at the shop.  That place is a treasure trove of good stories.

A fabulista was telling me that it has been getting crazy busy there with the holidays approaching.  This day in particular being, I believe she said, "Crazy.  Crazy crazy busy," and there was a look that accompanied that statement that showed me that she was not kidding.  The phone was ringing off the hook, etc.

That night when she and her husband sat down to dinner he said, "You say grace tonight."
When she opened her mouth to say grace this is precisely what came out, "Thank you for calling the Pannikin."


I asked her what her husband's reaction was when that happened, and she said he just looked at her and said he'd say grace.  I couldn't get over the fact that he didn't laugh hysterically.  She was surprised too, but said that the next day while her sister was eating she told her the story.  Her sister laughed so hard she spit out her food which to me seems the appropriate response.

She also told me that once when her mom was saying grace she was going along just fine, and then closed with, "Ok, bu-bye, I'll talk to you later," as opposed to the usual more standard, "Amen."  They all looked at her mom, and her mom said, "What?    ...oh."

Perhaps, if I didn't find it so hilarious when our minds do this to us I would be completely unnerved by how often our mouths work completely without the aid of our brain.  But it is irrelevant to even ponder that, because I do find it so hilarious!


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  1. I like the sisters reaction.
    Definitely need to celebrate the merry part of Christmas. Please don't get glitter on the carpet. Oh, and you'll have to leave Jesus behind. He doesn't celebrate Christmas anymore. He said I can have it to celebrate ornaments and twinkle lights galore (with lots of glitter).