Wednesday, October 7, 2009

(Purple) Rain Dance?

Whether it's cold,
or whether it's hot
we'll have weather,
whether or not.

My old boss (who was from Seattle which means he actually had an immunity to weather) used to recite those lines to me every single time I brought up the weather.

I know that talking about the weather is the stereotype for a boring conversation, but I have a love of weather, weather watching, and weather talk.  And so does my father!  Genetics?!

Several years ago I bought myself a Home Weather Station & rarely have I been more pleased with a purchase.  You ever wanna know the temperature, humidity, or barometric pressure inside or outside of my house- just ask!  Phase of the moon?  I got that too!  Built in Atomic Clock keeps it all right on schedule.  I have a rain gauge in my yard in case it ever rains here again I will be able to tell you how much.  Though, I do not have an anemometer to measure the wind speed I did order, read, and enjoy an entire book written about The Beaufort Scale.  Sundials, tide charts, tide clocks, windsocks, weather websites, The Weather Channel, the counting of seconds in between cricket chirps, and the counting of seconds between lightning flashes & thunder claps- yes indeedy!

I have long harbored an interest in reporting the weather on the tele.  The Weather Gal, I fancied myself.  Motioning to those smiling sunshines, giving the sweeping arm gestures to indicate a high pressure system following the jet stream, delivering the forecast in galoshes & a drooping yellow sea captain's rain hat.  The raining of cats & dogs!  I could go on & on!!!

With all that said, imagine my pure delight at having just received this link from a dear friend:


  1. My mother was known to say, "Everybody's talking about the weather, but no one's doing anything about it." :)

  2. ...Well, until the dancing weatherman, of course! Gr8.