Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nothing 2 Sneeze At

I was just getting a new box of tissues out of the cupboard when I happened to notice that this was somewhat surprisingly printed in small type on the bottom of the box:

Kiss calm, cool, collected goodbye!
Don't be bashful.  Don't be shy.  It's time
to unabashedly let it out!  So be messy.
Be imperfect.  Be liberated and free.
Be what you are.  Be human.
Blow it out and blow it proud.
With KLEENEX Tissue.

It is also printed on the box in french:

Au revoir les bonnes manieres!
Fini la timidite et la retune.
C'est le temps de vous liberer!
N'ayez pas peur du riducule.  Soyez
vous-meme.  Soyez authentique
Dites-le haut et fort.
Avec les mouchoirs KLEENEX

KLEENEX let it out/KLEENEX liberez-vous

What an encouraging reassuring supportive tissue!  

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