Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pre-Z Post

I have finished the book, finished looking at fonts, finished the editing, finished the proofreading, finished the taking of the photographs for the cover, finished the cover design, finished approving the proofs.  Fini!  

Next order of business- trying to catch up on sleep!  Before I start in with the zzzzzzzzs I thought I'd share this.

As the homestretch of the book stretched on I told one of my aunts that I kept thinking I was done & then it turned out I was not done.  I commented on the labor intensity & brain wavery required to do everything.  My aunt emailed me back: 

When Beatrix Potter first wrote her story Peter Rabbit she tried to make it into a little book for little hands.  The publisher wouldn't do it so she had to publish it herself.  The printer didn't want to make it so small but she insisted.   She sold the first copies to her friends and relatives.  It finally took off and she wrote many many stories as you know.
Happy thoughts 

I found that such a sweet thing to say that I wanted to tell you about it too.

And now I am off to have sweet dreams about bunnies wearing cute little jackets....


  1. wow! i can't believe you're done. congratulations!

  2. Available to a most exclusive & discerning group of caffeine drinkers in 2-3 weeks!

  3. Many congratulations! And I saw on the board today the announcement to the general public of its impending release. Excellent! Hopefully you're all caught up on sleep. J