Monday, November 16, 2009

Fit for a P.I.

     Today when I was over at the coffee shop one of the fabulistas who works there said, "I've got to make more mustache pillows.  I got three more orders." 
     To which I said something like, "Hmmm?  Pardon?  Que?  What?  Mustache pillows, hello?"
     She then told me that she makes pillows shaped like giant mustaches, and sells them over the internet.  I laughed, slapped my hand on the counter, and said, "Fantastic!"  Because, boy oh boy do I love a good bit of ridiculousness.
     When she originally had the idea she looked to see if anyone else was already making giant mustache pillows, and what do you know- no one was!  So, she is the exclusive manufacturer of giant mustache pillows in all the world.  I live in the Giant Mustache Pillow capital of the world.
     Here is the link to her Etsy shop- just in time for all your giant mustache pillow holiday needs:


  1. You're funny....

    love the Magnum PI picture!


    p.s. I watch that on occasion cuz we now get 'RTV' (stands for 'retro').

  2. I loved Magnum! Though it is funny, because I cannot remember a single thing that happened in any of the episodes. Years ago I had a boss that told me she had dated Tom Selleck during the Magnum Years. She was in one of the shows. Bit part- tied to a tree or something. You'll have to watch for it on RTV.

    She did also said he was a really nice guy.

  3. Ok, so apparently when one makes a mistake while commenting on one's own blog- one cannot edit it!

    She did also say- not said.

  4. Regulars want to know - Which fabulista in particular is the mustache maker? Is it the hula-hoop maker who also makes aprons, or a different somebody?

  5. No, it is not the hula hoop/apron maker. Though, I do so love the way the apron maker juxtaposes the burlap & the taffeta.

    The giant mustache pillow mastermind is the sweet fabulista who wears the cute cat glasses & the devilish grin.

  6. Ohhh. Well that answers it then. I must admit I think I have a little crush on her. She is always smiling, though I never really realized that there was a devilish hint behind the grin until you mentioned it. Now I'll have to notice in person.