Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Spirits

There is a chance that I live down the street from the friendliest most well appointed liquor store in all the land.  In addition to what you might expect, they also carry homemade deli sandwiches, whole avocados & other fresh fruit, whole wheat pasta, sea salt, firewood, various types of over the counter allergy/cold/flu medication, toilet paper, Draino, motor oil- every time that I have ever gone there to see if by chance they had what I needed- they have.

They let me park my bike inside.  If there weren't probably codes against letting someone bring their really waggedy dog inside, which would surely prevent them from allowing any such thing ever to occur, they are so friendly- they would let someone do that.  (wink wink.)

At 9:45pm I know I can get both a bag of popcorn for my hot air popper & good conversation there.

When I was in earlier I saw that they had raised the bar on themselves.  At the end of the aisle displaying the magazines & just before the movie rentals was a Rubbermaid flat topped wheeled cart with several rolls of wrapping paper, four different color choices of long shiny ribbon, tape, and a sign informing shoppers that this was a complimentary gift wrapping station.  If that doesn't warm your heart, well, they've also got an entire shelf of brandies from which to choose.

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  1. Are you talking about Leucadia Liquor? I used to park my bike inside there when I lived on Neptune.